A troupe of khaki-wearing white dudes holding tiki torches and chanting "White Lives Matter," "Blood and Soil," and "You Will Not Replace Us" are gathered in SoHo's Vesuvio Playground right now (as of noon on Monday). If you happen upon the scene, it's immediately clear this is being filmed for a production, but if you—like some of our colleagues—hear the chanting echoing through the streets as you exit the Spring Street subway station, it's... disturbing.

A crew member on the scene told us this is for a new Comedy Central show called Alternatino. The scene we witnessed involves one group partaking in some West Side Story-esque dance moves, while the other group shouts out their white supremacist chants. Here's what we saw when we dropped by:

As we were leaving, one member of the Alternatino troupe yelled "he's got a gun!"