Late Night with Seth Meyers writer/performer Conner O'Malley has yelled at rich people in cars, attended the Exxxotica Expo in NJ, marched in the 69th annual P.C. Richard and Son Alternative Thanksgiving Day Parade, and come up with an interpretive dance to the Charlie Rose music—but now he's (literally) emerged from the depths of the Hudson River to spread awareness of Donald Trump to the ignorant, garbage New Yorkers who besmirch his name.

Watch below as #1 Trump fan Mark Seevers defends "the white God Donald Trump" to people in Times Square, goes undercover at a Trump protest, and refuses to be pushed around by "the enemy," at a Bernie Sanders rally. "Here is a man who will not, refuse to, I refuse, I will get my hands dirty," he says very eloquently. "I will clean up this country—look at my sick Deadpool mask!"

This isn't the first time O'Malley has gone all-in for Trump—he also attended a Trump rally in Florida where he shouted a lot. Watch below as he goes on a long dark night of the soul in Orlando.