We've reached the point in Donald Trump's "I'll Say Anything, Literally Anything, Just Try Me" 2015 Tour when our finest comedians can't just settle for making YouTube mashups or yukking it up with monologue jokes about him. This is too important for that—this calls for the revival of an exhausted Kazakh caricature from the mid-00s whom no one missed. This calls for Borat on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Although Borat, a.k.a. comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, was ostensibly on the show to promote his upcoming film The Brothers Grimsby, the funniest part of the appearance involved making fun of Trump, and implying he is just another one of Cohen's ridiculous over-the-top characters. "His characters are very, very offensive: Ali G, Bruno, and his new one, Donald Trump," Borat said. "[Trump] is clearly a parody of a rich American racist. He does not even look real. Cohen has spent all the money on the orange paint for face, and leave no money for wig. Now, I know what happened to Pamela Anderson's pubis. It is on his head, yes."

We can't wait until Brüno tries to get an interview with Ted Cruz.