Cliff jumping can be very fun, especially when you are young and blissfully unaware of your own mortality. It's just so freeing to take a running leap into the air and land in the welcoming waters below. And this isn't exclusively a rural thing, you can jump off cliffs in the five boroughs. We're not saying you should! Please sign this waiver! But damn, doesn't this look nice:

Curbed just revisited this video, from a documentary called C-Rock, which shows kids "jumping dozens of feet off of rocky cliffs into the Harlem River, where that waterway meets Spuyten Duyvil Creek." The jumps vary in height, from 25-feet (that's nothin'!) to 110-feet, but you'll want to find a sweet spot of about 45-feet. Not that we're saying you should try this.

And if you think this is crazy, just remember: back in the day, men would jump off the Brooklyn Bridge for sport!