Sure, raccoons are furry and sometimes seem cute, but they are also pretty crafty, can read upside down and constantly seek to dominate lesser humans. So let's enjoy this raccoon simply being a raccoon in Central Park.

Chad Roberson took the video yesterday afternoon, near West 75th Street and the Lake, and narrates that this raccoon has "no shame" as others try to capture it on their cellphones.

Roberson told us, "After that he left the trashcan with another piece of Styrofoam and went under the tree and licked it clean." It's unclear if the raccoon recycled the Styrofoam.

Looking at these other adorable photos of Central Park raccoons, you sort of forget that these critters will attack you mid-Instagram:

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Fed a raccoon in Central Park

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Hello there Mr. Raccoon #ny #nyc #centralpark

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Free Hugs Hoomans! #Raccoon #CentralPark #GoParks #NYC

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And when they are outside of the park, raccoons are probably trying to raid your grandmother's apartment.