A determined little cockroach was spotted in the stairwell of the E/M subway station at 53rd Street today, just trying to get today's payload — an almost-fully-smoked cigarette — out of the way of foot traffic. As you know (or now know) cockroaches are attracted to cigarettes, because these tiny trash monsters love to eat both tobacco and cigarette rolling paper. (They also love literally everything else in your home. Best not to think about it.)

While we'll never know if he was able to drag his street gold to a peaceful corner of New York to devour it, or if he lost it to the grate, or if he dove into the grate with it, or if he's sitting on a bench (*screen transitions to black & white*) lighting it up and reflecting on life, or if he's even still alive anymore... we do know that he gave it his all today. Cigarette cockroach, we welcome you into the Move Over Hall Of Fame. Thank you for your service*.

*Becoming a Friday afternoon content unit on the internet.