The latest Improv Everywhere "Movies in Real Life" gets into the spirit of the season with everyone's favorite holiday film, A Christmas Story. The troupe went with the classic triple dog dare scene (last time we saw that was in Homer J. Simpson Vs. New York City).... with a 1 train subway pole standing in for the flag pole. Watch, if you can stomach it:

If you're concerned for the young lad's health, don't worry—IE actually created prosthetic—and magnetic—tongues for the stunt. Charlie Todd explained that's why they picked that train line, "We usually avoid the 1 train for Improv Everywhere missions because the lighting is poor, but it’s one of the few trains that has magnetic poles! The poles in the newer trains are stainless steel and not magnetic."

And here's the original, which you can also watch on TV a lot this month:

Past IE "Movies in Real Life" we've enjoyed: A recreation of the When Harry Met Sally fake orgasm scene (with many Sallys) at Katz's and Harry Potter at Penn Station.