Chris Rock's latest directorial effort, Top Five, is coming in December, after making a huge splash at the Toronto Film Festival last month. And now a trailer is out, to show us why a bidding war broke out over it:

Rock, who also wrote the film, plays a comedian, Andre Allen, who became a big Hollywood star, thanks to a trilogy where he played Hammy the police bear. As he gets ready to marry a reality TV star, Andre is interviewed by a New York Times writer (Rosario Dawson) who makes him Realize Things.

And New York is a character as well, whether it's One World Trade Center, reflecting brightly; Columbia University's campus; a Greenwich Village street where we see if a black man can get a taxi; a subway station for fare jumping; or the housing projects that Andre returns to, to introduce the writer to his friends and family (including a pre-crash Tracy Morgan).

Rock, Native New Yorker and terrible fielder, will be on Saturday Night Live on November 1 with musical guest Prince.