When he wasn't bashing Nancy Pelosi or discussing his college son's pickup lines ("Hey, would you like to come back to the Governor's office?"), NJ Gov. Chris Christie bonded with Jimmy Fallon last night over their shared man-love for The Boss, Bruce BROOOOOOOCE Springsteen. And when Fallon suggested they perform a quick rendition of "Thunder Road" with The Roots, Christie seemed jubilant—after all, it isn't like Fallon was asking him to race. Watch it below.

Fallon is no spring chicken when it comes to The Boss—he dedicated an entire week of shows to Springsteen back in the spring when Wrecking Ball was first released (which included the two performing a ragged acoustic take on LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It," and Springsteen's wiggle wiggle wiggle dance).

But it's hard to top Christie's enthusiasm: he noted in the interview that he saw his 130th Springsteen show on Monday in Philadelphia. And of course, there's only one man who Christie would go gay for, were he gay (and ya know, were gay marriage legal in his state).