Chloë Sevigny loves the East Village (when those pesky NYU kids aren't around), and recently took Bust Magazine on a little tour of her home turf... in which she trashed those other nearby neighborhoods. In the below video she declares: "I would never go to the Lower East Side or Nolita. No. I still feel like the East Village retains some of its weirdo vibe. People that moved to the East Village in the '70s and '80s are now, you know, older and still in their rent controlled apartments, so you still see these weirdo-freakos around. I feel like the East Village has that more than any of the other neighborhoods."

And of course, it's all good when you can afford the rent and you're no longer slumming it in a studio with a shared bath! During the talking tour she also discusses her first apartment in the city, recalling, "I lived in this neighborhood when I was making the film Kids, in a studio apartment with the bathtub in the kitchen, and a toilet down the hall. I hated it so I'd just have to hold it all night long so I wouldn't have to go out in to the hallway."