If you thought that Korean pop (K-pop) artist Psy's 15 minutes were over, THINK AGAIN. His infectious, worldwide hit, "Gangnam Style" is still alive and kicking—not only did Psy show some Gangnam moves to United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki Moon, Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei just realized his version of the song:

Ai was imprisoned last year, and the Washington Post's Max Fisher writes of this video, "At one point, the artist starts waving a set of handcuffs, which he later uses to attach himself to another man in the video. I can’t claim to understand the significance of this, if there is any. Chinese police arrested Ai for almost three months in 2011 and later placed him under house arrest. Does anyone have any insight to this, or is it just Ai having a bit of fun?"

The artist has been battling the Chinese government over taxes—China says he owes $2.4 million, Ai's now paid $1.33 million and says he won't pay more.