Some people really don't want to interact with other people while traveling. Some people cherish the chance to disengage from the noisy world buzzing around them while stuck in airports. Some people dread the idea of having to acknowledge strangers in a sterile place.

But for everyone else, getting the chance to see the casts of two hit Broadway musicals— The Lion King and Aladdin—square-off in a sing-off at LaGuardia Airport must be a real hoot! And that's just what happened when the casts for both Tony-award winning musicals were stuck earlier this week at the Queens airport.

They brought theater to the people, man. It certainly delighted the children who were there, and children are our future. You do the math. Watch it below.

This isn't the first time these casts have pulled something like this: last year, The Lion King crew boarded an A train at 59th Street to surprise straphangers with an a capella performance of "Circle Of Life." And even this still had nothing on our all-time favorite subway performance of a Lion King song, which you can watch below.

[h/t Tastefully Offensive]