A week after making his debut, Cartoon Donald Trump returned to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to talk about his huge poll numbers in Wisconsin, threaten Colbert over his love of beans, show off his Trump Towers, and brag about his checkmarks. Is this all really about his photogenic penis that never takes a bad picture? You betcha.

Trump's support among Republicans and Republican-leaners has dropped since his very bad week of flip-flopping about abortion like a dying fish on dry land. He's trailing Cruz in Wisconsin and his campaign is apparently in disarray: "Presidential campaigns are a team sport, and he doesn’t have that mentality,” a high-level GOP operative told Politco. “That's why they're missing a lot of these opportunities that are passing them by. [Trump] might be a great quarterback, but every quarterback still needs a strong offensive line."

In an attempt to turn the tide, Trump hastened to explain his wall plan, telling reporters he would use a federal anti-terrorism surveillance law as a tool to force Mexico to build it. He would essentially try to bully Mexico by threatening new regulations against money transfer companies like Western Union, which would impede many Mexicans from sending money home. "We have the moral high ground here, and all the leverage," he wrote in a memo on the plan. "It is time we use it in order to 'Make America Great Again.'"

Trying to get to the heart of what people like about Trump, a new poll found that 84 percent of Trump backers agreed with the statement, "What we need is a leader who is willing to say or do anything to solve America’s problems." When asked if "America has lost its identity," 85 percent of Trump backers said it had. Those passionate supporters looking for an independent candidate who'll do and say anything may be disappointed when Trump sells out in just a few weeks.