In less than two weeks, obscure arthouse flick Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released into the world, likely to little or no fanfare. Regardless of whether or not anyone sees this modestly-budgeted underdog story about race relations among Stormtroopers, the cast has been out in full force doing the talk show circuit charm offensive. And no one is better at performing for the cameras than national treasure Carrie Fisher, who appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to talk about thinking in her mouth, being a woman over 40 in Hollywood, and staying in character (whether as a princess or general).

Despite Fisher's witty banter with Amy Robach (who was in stitches the whole time) and hilarious one-liners ("I did lose weight...and I think it's a stupid conversation."), she was still overshadowed by the ball of frumpy flesh sitting to her right. Fisher's beloved French bulldog Gary stole the show, whether he was shooting deadpan bored faces at the camera or just letting his tongue dangle in the wind.


If this Star Wars film is hoping to score any eyeballs, they'd be wise to let Gary and Carrie take over the promotional duties full-time. As she pointed out to the Wall Street Journal recently, everybody is already thinking about her anyway: "It’s: 'I thought about you every day, from when I was 12 to 22.' Every day? 'Well, four times a day.'"