In an episode of Mad Men this season, Sally Draper refers to the Upper West Side, saying, "We don't go across the park, there's bums on the other side." By the 1980s the neighborhood was gentrified, however—and cyclists and yuppies alike were dancing in the streets and getting drenched in champagne. At least, that's if this amazingly bad Carly Simon video for her song "Why" is to be believed as an accurate portrayal (seems right to us!). This was released in 1982, and (with all due respect to Ms. Simon) somehow managed to become a hit (though it was a fine addition as a sample to the Tribe Called Quest song "Bonita Applebum").

The shots appear to be filmed mostly between 73rd and 75th Streets, starting outside of Simon's old apartment (which she shared with James Taylor through 1983) at 135 Central Park West. In the video you'll see the original yuppies infiltrating the neighborhood, as well as old institutions like Ruelle's on 75th and Columbus.