Having worked tirelessly to end global warming, nuclear proliferation, and that horrible Guinea worm disease, hipsters can at last enjoy a well-earned childish diversion. This Sunday the Seattle chapter of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League (yep, it exists) will be hosting a tournament! Everyone's invited to dress up like knights in cardboard armor and smack each other around with tubes, which will be provided by the organizers. (No outside tubes are permitted, to prevent contestants from causing any non-ironic injuries with doctored tubes.) Afterward, everybody will not get laid.

Basically, it's like those mass pillow fights, but with a dash of D&D. Will some naive hipster playfully swing a tube at a cop like at last April's pillow fight? Check back Sunday for the full blow-by-blow; we're just telling you about it now so you can prepare your costume or bile accordingly. But no matter what your stance on pointless hipster fun, you've got to admit this photo is pretty stellar. Below, a video of what to expect.