As we've learned time and time again, Bros will be Bros whether they're wearing shorts in freezing weather, advertising for 'professional player' roommates, or bowling with frisbees on the subway. Two young men who apparently had a hell of a Saturday evening were spotted going full-Bro this morning, spooning while passed out in the street near McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

Jesse Gawinske and his friend Maggie say they literally stumbled upon them around 9 a.m. this morning while walking in the area. "They were spooning on the ground, breathing but out cold, and yes, people were gawking and laughing," Maggie told us. "It was cute and very 'Brooklyn.' I left before the situation was 'resolved.'"

Thankfully, they stayed long enough to capture the moment a truck tried to wake them up.

Sleepy Bros from Gothamist on Vimeo.

We hope they got home safe, and are taking care of what must be some truly epic hangovers.