This one time in college I very briefly dated a frat boy—which I prefer to remember as being more of a sociological experiment than relationship—and during that time he came up with a contraption that he thought was genius. He had the top bunk, and hated getting down when the landline rang. So he put a ruler across where the receiver would go, and a book to weigh it down on top. He then stretched the phone cord up to his bed, and if the phone rang, he just needed to hit the book off the ruler. The problem of course was that he would still need to hang up the phone. We broke up after this invention.

And now, in the endless well of inspiration that is the Bro Think Tank, we give you: subway bowling. Doesn't that sound like a fun game to be a spectator at when you're just trying to get home after a long day of shark blogging?

Here's how you do it: chuck a frisbee (hard) across a subway car to knock down your baseball hat pyramid. It'll be awesome, bro.