Every night around the 7 o'clock cheer for essential workers, the residents of one block in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn emerge from their homes to dance on their stoops and street (or simply lean out of their windows), as a car stereo blasts tunes. As we enter a fourth month in our homes, these neighborhood moments can be an inspirational end to a day, a reason to smile and a reminder that life is still out there.

Photographer Sai Mokhtari captured the social distance dance party earlier this week — "I tried my damndest to not dance... but i got a little shaky at times," she reported back.

Here's how some New Yorkers are shaking it out after a day likely spent entirely indoors:

Has your block been participating in the nightly cheer? So far we've seen a Hendrix tribute from a fire escape in the East Village, a "Lean On Me" sing-a-long, and a lot of that ol' classic "New York, New York" pumping out of windows around the city.

And if you do head outside for the cheer, remember to wear a mask.