The refined key-holding oligarchs who rule over Gramercy Park rarely permit dirty plebes from entering their private oasis, except for one hour once a year, as a bone-throw. And on this week's Broad City, Abbi and Ilana contemplate what they'd do if they had access ("If I had a key, I'd just grow some f*cking weed") as they tried their best to get into New York's most exclusive green space. It turns out even saving a man's life doesn't warrant entry:

Gramercy Park is the only private park in Manhattan (there's another private park in Queens), and it's owned by the owners of the 39 buildings that surround it. If you live in one of those buildings, or are members of the Players Club and the National Arts Club, you may get access to one of those keys. As of 2012 fewer than 400 keys total existed.

The park does open to the public on Christmas Eve, but other than that, even the Internet has to stay out. Nice try, Abbi and Ilana. Nice. Try.