(via Improv Everywhere)

The Improv Everywhere crew recently added a little ballet to NYC breakdancing. Enlisting professional ballet performers to pose as breakdancers in Washington Square Park, the dancers "hype up their tumbling routine to a gathered crowd before realizing they brought the 'wrong music.'" And it all unfolds beautifully from there.

Why didn't they pretend to be showtime dancers and bring this prank underground? Improv Everywhere impresario Charlie Todd answers that: "For years I’ve wanted to stage a project on the subway where ballet dancers show up on a train car pretending to be 'showtime' performers and then suddenly break into an awesome ballet routine instead of the normal tumbling and subway pole acrobatics. Each time it would come up I’d talk myself out of it over safety concerns. The subway is really not an ideal place to do ballet moves." But C'MON, those moves are no more space-consuming than what the showtime guys do.