Ladies, now that you've starved your way down to a size 0, it's time to add a little shape to your stick figure! The Wall Street Journal reports on the Booty Pop brand of underwear, which contains egg-shaped pads that make your butt look less like a pancake. The WSJ claims the nation's eyes are on Kim Kardashian's derrière, leaving women with no choice but to pad their asses. One 25-year-old Booty Pop wearing woman told them: "I look better, I feel better, and as a result, I act better."

This kind of product screams infomercial (which you can enjoy below), but the article also states that Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, and Target also sell them. Buyer beware, however—one woman says, "If you wear anything less than a really heavy denim with it, you can see where those oval-shaped things stick out."

Earlier this month big butts were being called the season's most coveted accessory, but these things probably don't work on the beach—sand and Booty Pops don't mix.