They're probably friendly ghosts.

The Algonquin Hotel, most recently known for its Cat Fashion Shows, is more famously known for its round table. And with Halloween creeping up, psychic medium A.J. Barrera stopped by the historic spot to see if Dorothy Parker & Co. are haunting the place. In the below video, he confirms that there are spirits roaming the halls, noting, "just walking in here the energy was just very intense, my heart was going a mile a minute." He also says he felt the "cold spot," which usually means there's something there, but only "a full lockdown investigation" would be able to show who exactly is haunting the hotel.

Here's one guest's encounter with a ghost at the Algonquin... though it's not as terrifying as the stories to come out of the Hotel Chelsea (where Dylan Thomas and Christopher Conry continuously frighten guests... when there were guests).