Remember Google Glass? The company's eyewear isn't available to the masses yet, but Famouses are getting their hands on it. This week documentary filmmaker Chris Barrett shared his Glass with Jon Bon Jovi and keyboardist David Bryan "to film a first person perspective of a sold out Bon Jovi concert." Sadly, while you see them walking through the bowels of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey towards the stage and roaring crowd, there's no running onto the stage pay-off. You also can't really hear anything, but Mashable says this was filmed during "Wanted Dead Or Alive."

Bryan told the site, "It was a great experience to perform, wearing Google Glass, in front of a sold out crowd of 55,000. Glass and wearable-technology is an example of another step in consumer-facing innovation that will change how we share the music experience with our fans in the future."

Barrett—who you may remember as the first guy who captured a fight and arrest using Glass—says watching Bon Jovi and Bryan wearing his Glass was "surreal and amazing."

We miss cassette tapes.