Whether you're feeling bummed because of the egregious overload of calories or the fact Gawker left you off their least important list, it's no shock that the holidays can be a tough time for many. But leave it to the world's most Christian Jew to be able to cut through all the crap and find the Christmas spirit—Bob Dylan has some great advice, taken from his incredible Theme Time Radio series, for how to avoid the holiday blues. Don't think twice and listen below.

You don't need Dr. Phil or Tony Robbins! Dylan's magical formula is just what many of us need to hear going into the next week: shut the fuck up and help someone out, you narcissistic piece of shit (our words, not his). Or as he more eloquently put it: "Instead of adding to the sadness of the world, why not lend a hand, help somebody out. And not just on Christmas. Why don't you give it a try year-round?" If that isn't quite enough of a nod in the right direction, just watch Dylan bounce around in wig and Santa hat—this man KNOWS things.

h/t Paper Magazine