To humans, hawks might seem like majestic, rat-devouring urban predators who gracefully swoop through the canyons of Manhattan and occasionally show off their hot bods on minivans—but to blue jays, hawks are just assholes who kidnap and brutally devour their family members.

A bird brawl broke out around 5 p.m. on Tuesday above a D'Agostino's on Third Avenue between 35th and 36th streets in Murray Hill. According to an eyewitness who took a video of the fight, this was a particularly brutal battle.

"I was there for about 45 minutes watching along with many passersby," Giovanni of GioVisuals Photography told Gothamist. "The hawk got one of the blue jays and the rest were fighting it to let it go, but looks like the hawk was taking bites of his prey while watching out for the rest."

The circle of life might move us all, but the circle of life also kinda sucks when you're dealing with a hawk who thinks he's Hans Gruber. "That’s too much nature for me," one person reportedly said, according to the Post, as they walked away.