The measles are back, and so are the Jonas Brothers after an extended hiatus filled with weddings and solo projects—and Billy Eichner can't wait to yell the news at unsuspecting New Yorkers.

The first couple people stopped on the latest episode of Billy On The Street—the most heart-warming show that also incorporates verbal abuse—are mostly unimpressed with having real life Jonas' in front of them, but things ramp up to the hysterical reactions over the last minute. Don't miss out on the guy at 2:30 who clearly has been counting the days until the Jonas Brothers returned.

Watch the segment below—it will have you screaming "What about Kevin???" the rest of the day.

Eichner is also very aware of the hilarious clip going around yesterday of Fox News persona Steve Doocy trying to steal his bit: "Hey Steve Doocy and Fox News - leave man on the street interviews to a PROFESSIONAL. 🙄"