Billy Eichner is a NYC treasure, whether he's screaming at people to have a threesome with Jon Hamm or he's screaming at people to enjoy the holiday cheer with Will Ferrell (and also, of course, when he's mocking Kevin Spacey on the excellent Difficult People). For his latest Billy On The Street segment, he got Andy Samberg, Hamm and Lupita Nyong'o to pitch new action movie franchises, including ones based around MySpace Tom, the Starbucks logo mermaid, Blake Lively's NY assistant, the Princess Diana commemorative Beanie Baby, the Spotify logo, Dr. Strange Medicine Woman, and more.

And in case you missed it, Nyong'o also tried out some stand-up comedy routines on random New Yorkers, taking inspiration (and jokes) from the likes of Louie CK, Bob Saget, and Daniel Tosh.