Life enthusiast Bill Murray returned to The Late Show with David Letterman last night to promote his new film, St. Vincent. But he was really there to get in some much-needed training time for the NYC Marathon. And as you'll see in the clip below, marathon training to Murray means stealing random pedestrians' pretzels, lathering his hands with Bengay, wantonly littering, and hitching rides on pedicabs.

Whether or not Bengay really does work its way down to the knees (or perhaps the knee soreness works its way up to the hands?), we do hope Murray can actually fit the Marathon into his busy schedule, assuming he's not too busy training for his upcoming Christmas special.

In other fun Murray news, he finally talked in some depth about all those Ghostbusters 3 scripts he rejected—and he sounds pretty justified, considering Dan Akroyd's script involved the Ghostbusters traveling to an alternate dimension where they fight demons in a hellish version of Manhattan dubbed "Manhellton." And who knows, he still could appear in the new all-female reboot!