Kimmel's Brooklyn set includes brownstones, a newsstand, a bodega, and "The Mill Basin Deli"

Jimmy Kimmel is holding court at BAM’s Howard Gilman Opera House all week, and kicked things off last night with Bill Murray (who was inexplicably donning a costume), and Ryan Adams. Relive the magic you missed through the power of these YouTube clips, below.

First up we see Murray talking about why he originally came to NYC: "I came to New York in 1974. I came here because I ran out my clock at Second City, and I just thought I'd try the brave new world, I thought I'd..." [JIMMY KIMMEL INTERRUPTS AND WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT WHY BILL MURRAY THOUGHT HE'D TRY NYC OUT.]

Speaking of New York, here's a music break, featuring Ryan Adams singing "Welcome To New York":

And now back to Murray:

Kimmel's lineup of guests while he's in town includes Jay Z, Michael J. Fox, Bradley Cooper, American Ballet Theater Principal Ballerina Misty Copeland, Howard Stern, and more.