As a companion piece to Bill Murray's rare and candid interview with GQ, the deadpan show biz iconoclast surfaced last night on Letterman. Naturally the appearance began with a zany gag: When Dave introduced Murray for the interview, the actor was discovered outside on the edge of one of those dumpster swimming pools which will be installed on Park Avenue during Summer Streets next month. Like Rushmore's Herman Blume on the diving board, Murray made a big spash:

And if you haven't read that GQ interview yet, you're in for a treat. Murray doesn't talk much to the press, in this interview he reveals, among other things, that he did the Garfield movie in part because he thought it was written by Joel Coen. (It was actually Joel Cohen.) Below, check out the trailer for Get Low, the indie movie Murray's plugging (Robert Duvall's in it, too), plus that great scene from Rushmore where Blume sinks to the bottom of the pool. You know how Richard Gere once said, ''It's impossible to think of a world without 'Visions of Johanna'."? We're like that for Bill Murray. (And Dylan, too!)