It was only a week ago that the city got more than 26 inches of snow dumped on it during the "blizzard for the ages." And while all we have to show for it now are terrifying slush puddles and untouched pyramids made of garbage bags (a.k.a. makeshift rat forts), leave it to legendary photographer Bill Cunningham to cut through our post-blizzard hangover and only see the joy and mirth of it all: "I know people could shoot me, but it was terrific," he says in the video below, reflecting on the marvelous blizzard.

There's nothing more delightful than Cunningham making cold shoulder jokes and exclaiming, "Can you believe it!" From Super Bowl hoopla to Citi Bikes, Cunningham can always find a silver lining amidst all the grousing. Which is why he remains, along with Fran Lebowitz and Dan Smith, among the greatest living New Yorkers.

For more of the man in the blue jacket, check out this wonderful documentary on him.