Many New Yorkers—including some outspoken Gothamist staffers—have been less than thrilled with all the Super Bowl hoopla that has invaded our city this week. It's hard to blame them when 'Super Bowl Boulevard Engineered by GMC' is killing orchids and local businesses while turning midtown into even more of a commuter's nightmare. But leave it to legendary photographer Bill Cunningham to cut through the corporate crap and find a silver lining in all this: "[I'm] caught up in the midst of Super Bowl madness that is just like a giant spaceship arrived on Broadway in Times Square!"

"I hardly know a football from a tennis ball, I never thought I'd be caught up in this, but it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful" he says in the video above. "The spirit really is like a mid-winter carnival. It's really a New York fantasy, if ever there was one." Cunningham may not know much about football, but he was in Times Square documenting the Giants ticker tape parade after their 2012 Super Bowl victory.

For more of the man in the blue jacket, the New York Historical Society will have 88 Cunningham prints from between 1968-1976 starting in March 2014. You can also check out this wonderful documentary on him.