Bicycles: Is there anything they can't do? Down in New York's sixth borough, the crew behind the Miss Rockaway Armada have just finished work on a powered Ferris Wheel. A smaller version of this ride was on the original voyage of the Miss Rockaway Armada, but for their next adventure on the Schuylkill River they're going all in with this bad boy, built by San Francisco's Paul Da Plumber. Check it out:

Bicycle Ferris Wheel - Test Run from Sucka Pants on Vimeo.

Photographer Tod Seelie (a.k.a. Sucka Pants) tells us that after the armada's next waterborne adventure, the Ferris Wheel will be part of an art installation at the Philadelphia Art Alliance through January. You can learn more about all the upcoming events (on and off the rafts) and see the progress of our project over the summer on the Miss Rockaway Armada website.