Over 60,000 people streamed onto the Great Lawn at Central Park on Saturday for the third annual Global Citizen Festival, whose end goal is ending extreme poverty by 2030. Besides dozens of celebrities (Hugh Jackman, Sting, Olivia Wilde, etc), the musical guests included No Doubt, Tiesto, Carrie Underwood, fun., and The Roots. But they were all overshadowed by headliner Jay Z, who brought out his wife Beyonce to perform "Holy Grail" and "Forever Young." Watch the highly dramatic performance below.

Like the old saying goes, the show must go on for The Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce Rumors Tour. We thought we had moved past the divorce rumors and into second pregnancy territory, but maybe we spoke too soon: as the News wrote of the performance, "the scene played right into the hands of all those who’ve been speculating about the state of their marriage for months now." Or it could just, you know, be two songs performed by two professionals, or whatever.

After a summer filled with innuendo, anonymous reports, and "jedi mind tricks," we're still no closer to knowing whether Beyonce & Jay Z are really on the road to divorce, or just really good at milking pseudo-drama for ticket sales. Truth is always just out of reach. And at this point, we aren't going to believe anything until Beyonce concludes a show with a giant fireworks display that reveals itself to be an Illuminati triangle.