With the L train shutdown coming next year, traversing between Manhattan and Brooklyn is only going to get more complicated and more painful than it already is. The lack of a viable and significant backup plan has frustrated commuters to no end, but one Jersey City resident may have stumbled upon a transit-hack worth considering: paddleboarding.

Riders on the ferryboat from Jersey City were shocked and delighted by the sight of the besuited man paddleboarding to Manhattan Thursday morning. "Everybody was just laughing," Eunice Rivers, who took the video above of the intrepid commuter, told News 4 New York. "People just couldn't believe it."

This is what public transportation does to people @gonepatrol

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Considering the depressing, horrifying state of the country in 2018, we all deserve to enjoy a bit of whimsy wherever we find it, whether it be in besuited men paddleboarding or spontaneous subway singalongs or obsessing over the beautiful disaster that is the Gotti marketing campaign. It's important to pay attention to what's happening and protest the inhumanity of the Trump administration, but we all need some levity and some silliness to get through the day.

So let's all agree to ignore the part where it turns out this paddleboarding stunt—and this is a total shot in the dark—is an attempt by an "aspiring comedian" to garner some viral attention. Especially if he claims "he was running late for a meeting in New York City with a potential manager" even though he had his representative email local news outlets promising that "he is willing to do interviews."