In the weeks since winning the election, the matter of Donald Trump's tweets—and their implied importance or potential distraction from policy or real-life issues—have been hotly debated by the media. Both the Washington Post and NY Times have published pieces this week grappling with how and when to cover his Twitter account ("a bully pulpit, propaganda weapon and attention magnet all rolled into one"), and whether there is any merit in ignoring his more outlandish missives.

Bernie Sanders isn't ignoring them, so far. Conan O'Brien brought up Trump's most recent tweeting barrage—including threats of jailing people for burning the flag, and claims about mass voter fraud—with Sanders last night, and he wasted no words in disparaging the content: "My take is that it's delusional and totally insane," he said of Trump's tweet about illegal voters.

Sanders continued, "We have wealth income in wealth inequality, we have 43 million people living in poverty, we have to deal with climate change which is threatening the existence of the planet, and he's talking about three people who might burn the American flag," he said. "But there's a hidden message in that, and it is: be careful if you are prepared to dissent."

Sanders also excoriated the media for focusing too much attention on Hillary Clinton's emails during the election. "I think the American people have got to demand more out of media," he said. "The American people have got to demand that media talk about the issues that impact our lives."