After weeks of preparation and construction, the full Late Show with Stephen Colbert marquee at the Ed Sullivan Theater was unveiled and lit up in Midtown this week. Although Colbert and his crew ultimately decided against using any of our incredibly helpful suggestions on the design of the marquee, it still came out looking pretty good.

MON0392 EntertainmentVOColbertMarqueeLit from CBS News Broadcast Marketing on Vimeo.

And here's the moment it was turned on:

Lights, camera, Stephen!

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Colbert has continued his charm offensive in the buildup to the show's premiere on CBS on September 8th—in addition to that wonderful GQ cover story, he had another cover story in Time Magazine this week. And we got a glimpse of the kinds of segments Colbert is planning to do to distance himself from the character he played for almost a decade on Comedy Central:

How he’s planning to introduce his audience to the real Stephen Colbert:

We’ve got a series of field pieces, packages that are ways for me to try to figure out who that is, as if I don’t know who I am. The unexamined life can be extremely enjoyable, and who knows if I do know who I am. We’re going to see whether I do. I’ll have my own suppositions as to what these answers might be from people and see if their memory of me is the same or whether the police investigator we hired to investigate me finds out. We’re doing a series called “Who Am Me?”

Who he’s most excited to talk to for “Who Am Me?”: My elementary school teacher, my favorite teacher from elementary school, is just so excited. I had such a crush on her. I’m going to talk to her. I haven’t seen her since 1974 but I can’t believe that they found her. She moved away when I was 10 and then she came back just recently, so they found her down in Charleston.

You can check out the guests Colbert has planned for his first week here—there's still a lot of speculation around his final music guest of the week, non-existent Paul Simon tribute band Troubled Waters, who may or may not be Pavement.