Though YouTube had already posted the clip in May, the current height of Bed Bug Attack 2010 is a perfect time to learn more about the little critters. Namely, how they have sex. And here to teach us is Isabella Rossellini! As a part of her "Green Porno" series, the actress took a look at how the critters mate. To sum it up, the male stabs the female with his knife-like penis, and ejaculates into the wound. We're getting hot just thinking about it:

Jon Stewart gave his own take on the film over at the Daily Show last night, but watch with caution, as the segment includes a shot of a bed bug expert letting hundreds of the bugs feed on his arm. And before you fall asleep tonight and dream of 500 bed bug eggs hatching from the female's penis-knife wound, tell us which is hotter: Watching cardboard bed bugs mate, or Rossellini writhing in her bug-eye costume?