Banksy... is that you?

Michael Tosner sent us this video he shot earlier this week, telling us Banksy's Ronald McDonald shoe shine display was in Williamsburg two days ago, when he shot this video at Manhattan Avenue and Broadway. He wondered at the time if it was the work of the elusive street artist, and yesterday that was confirmed when Banksy revealed the piece officially in the South Bronx. A couple of notable things about this video:

  • A man comes seemingly out of nowhere at the end to carry the statue off—is this someone in Banksy's crew, or Banksy himself? Dun dun dun.
  • The statue is put into a truck (not the van we saw yesterday) similar to the waterfall truck, but completely white with no tags. Banksy's fleet of vehicles vary, and it seems he has plenty of them that, as of yesterday, were being stored in Red Hook.
  • The main takeaway here is that Banksy is debuting some pieces days before he officially reveals them. This also happened when the Sirens of the Lambs trucks was first spotted in Brooklyn, a day before its official debut. And when the 9/11 piece showed up in Brooklyn Heights days before the TriBeca one appeared.

So if you see something, say somethingBanksy is all around us.