[UPDATE BELOW] We're having a rare moment where we're actually going to praise Lady Gaga for something. The Fame Monster caught wind of some Tweets a small New York band was directing at her, inviting her to see them perform her new single, "Born This Way," in Union Square on Sunday. According to the Washington Post, the band I Love Monsters doesn't personally know the performer, but that didn't stop them from relentlessly sending out notes "to Lady Gaga and her biggest fans to get her attention." That kind of social media assault may make them look like tools, but it works for Lady Gaga—who typically goes for more over-the-top publicity stunts. Check out the scene from Sunday in the video below:

The band isn't satisfied with just a Gaga drive-by though, they now have their eyes on an opening slot; lead singer Jonathan Tortora says: "Maybe we can open up for Lady Gaga one day."

UPDATE:That's not Lady Gaga, that's an impersonator, baby.