Remember that magical hour or so in 2009 when we all believed a young boy named Falcon Heene was floating around the U.S. in a balloon like he was a character in some wanderlusty Wes Anderson movie? Like all things that appear to be magical in this world, it was a sham, and the boy's father Richard Heene was sentenced to 90 days in prison after the world found out it was all a publicity stunt. But here in 'merica we bounce back from public shame and keep on truckin', so Richard has now got his boys out touring in a band that he's billing as the "World's Youngest Metal Band."

The Heene Boyz are currently in NYC and and will be headlining Sullivan Hall on June 26th:

Here's some more of the Heene Boyz in action:

They may not be the best metal band in the world, or even really the youngest, but they're not bad: they can work a crowd and they've got some real energy! Anyway, can someone go and make sure they're getting proper meals and education and whatever 10-year-olds need?