If the blazing heat this week has you wishing for Arctic climes, here's a teaser for an upcoming show at BAM that will have you wishing for the days of shorts and sandals in no time. Master marionette craftsman Erik Sanko (who wowed us with The Fortune Teller) has been working on a new show at BAM called 69°South, following the trials and tribulations of Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton in 1916.

The show doesn't premiere until this fall, but Kempt took a peek at Sanko's creepy, fantastical studio, where the artist has spent the past three years putting together puppets of Shackleton and his crew, their ship ("the boat is actually a giant puppet that collapses") and Antarctica itself.

Sanko's company, Phantom Limb, is presently fundraising via Kickstarter, and Sanko told us, "this is a crucial time for arts development so any help we can get we are very grateful for."