The proud Mediterranean nation of Greece won a soccer match today, besting Ivory Coast in a 2-1 World Cup victory to advance to the knockout rounds. We'll have more on this exciting match coming up, but for now let's turn to Astoria, where the big win brought throngs out into the streets to breathe deep the burning fumes of victory.

Greek Victory from Zachary Leven on Vimeo.

Zachary Leven, who captured the video, tells us it was taken at the intersection of 31st Street and 30th Avenue, where soccer fans "were 'burning out' a number of cars to create that smokescreen effect—people were driving through and requesting it. I had never seen that before, and I got the sense it was something they did after soccer matches in Europe perhaps. It smelled freaking nasty as hell." Judging by that slumped over woman on the bench at the 56 second mark, we don't doubt it. Go nationalism!