The new "HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture" exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum doesn't even open until tomorrow, but it's already raised the ire of the Daily News and Andrea Peyser over its inclusion of a "sacrilegious" video. Now, even fellow artists are getting pissed off over David Wojnarowicz's avant-garde film. Well, one fellow artist.

Staten Island-based artist Scott LoBaido is "disgusted by the constant bashing of Catholicism" by a "publicly funded institute," so he decided to channel his disgust into a painting of Brooklyn Museum director Arnold Lehman, sitting nearly naked atop a toilet spewing green bile. He then decided to take a little field trip to the Museum with his painting and wander the grounds with it strapped to his back. Unsurprisingly, security did not take well to LoBaido, who describes himself as "colorful and a bit provocative," who insists throughout that he's not doing anything wrong. SILive has video of his run-in with Museum security:

The brouhaha is all the result of Wojnarowicz's film "A Fire In My Belly," which features a 10-second clip of ants crawling over a crucifix. You can watch that part of that video here, and then decide for yourself whether LoBaido's little stunt was worth it.