A Canadian performance artist splattered paint and drew on a wall of the Whitney Museum's Jeff Koons show yesterday. The artist, Istvan Kantor, was taken into custody and then to a hospital for evaluation.

One museum-goer, artist Laura Higgins Palmer, told Hyperallergic that he "threw red paint against the wall in a gallery on the third floor. Palmer said she was taking a selfie of her reflection in one of Koons’s silver bunnies when she noticed a man walking by with a black bag. When she turned around, he was splashing paint on the wall, in what appears to be a kind of double X shape, although it could also be a human figure with arms and legs spread. The man managed to sign his name in marker underneath before being led away by security. Palmer says everyone was then evacuated from the third floor so that the wall could be repainted."

Kantor wrote, "Monty Cantsin was here" in marker under a red paint splatter X. Previously, he's made X's with his own blood at other museums, like the Museum of Modern Art. CBC calls him a "blood artist."

Kantor (as Monty Cantsin) wrote to a friend of Hyperallergic, "I just came out of mental hospital where the police took me after the Whitney I was discharged I am free I’ll put out my Supreme gift manifesto that I handed to the museum after the intervention tomorrow now I go out for a drink in the lower east side thanks for your support Monty"