If they're not buying $3 bottled water from hot dog vendors, then tourists are probably injuring themselves falling off of Belvedere Castle. So local Brett Cohen decided to find out how easy it would be to trick tourists into thinking he was famous. It turns out it is VERY easy. Watch the video below.

Cohen dressed up "like a typical celebrity," and formed an entourage to accompany him, including two professional bodyguards, two assistants, and photographers pretending to be paparazzi. The entourage started a buzz that a "big star" was about to walk out, and lo and behold, nearly 300 people stood around to catch a glimpse of Cohen. Pssh, A Texan Abroad would never have fallen for that.

As for whether anyone called him out about not being a celebrity, Cohen answered the question on Reddit: "One guy said 'I don't know who you are.' I replied with 'I don't know who you are either, buddy.' That was it." Tourists: can't walk down the sidewalk with them, can't run a billion dollar industry without them.