Dudes have been known to get extreme during winter weather events in the city, whether that meant running shirtless through Central Park, cross-country skiing through the street, (literally) chilling inside of aboveground hot tubs, or snowboarding off the back of a Jeep. This week's nor'easter may have been a bit of a blizzard bust, but at least a few area dudes got their jollies in by going surfing off Long Beach. And no one had a better time than Adam Winerip, who crashed a Pix11 live report in the middle of the storm.

He was just floating for a mile in the water, can't you give him a ride to his car?! "This is like my first time surfing," he told PIX's Kristin Cole. "You thought this was the best day to go out surfing, for a first-timer?" she fired back in disbelief. Here's a slightly longer video with the full segment, including the build up to Winerip's appearance:

Cole was pretty amazed by the run-in:

Of course, Winerip was just havin' a laugh, as he explained to Surfline that he has been surfing since he was 13-years-old, and was an ocean lifeguard in Long Beach and Wrightsville Beach (Long Beach Surf Shop referred to him as "a local legend"). "No one else was in the water, so it was sweet, albeit a bit eerie, to have big cold New York surf all to myself," he told Surfline. "I worked for years on the beach where the train pours out from the city. I'm not kidding when I say that a first time surfer during a Nor'Easter would be far from the most absurd thing to go down on the beach in New York."

As for whether he was planning on trolling any TV newspeople, he said he didn't even realize he was live on TV until he got home 20 minutes later. "They were waving me over as I was walking and they must have started the broadcast while I was in route," he said. "I had no idea they were live. There was no 'hey can we interview you?' As I said before, the entirety of the interaction happened on camera. They even got me walking away. Before I paddled out I told my buddy Josh that I was going to surf National to get on the news (that's where the vans usually hang out during storms). I was only half serious. I was daydreaming a bit in the water about what I would say if I got interviewed."

Cole took the whole thing in stride, and was particularly delighted the whole thing made Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Oh, and as for how Winerip ended up getting home, he did indeed hitch a ride—but not with PIX: "I was able to hitch a ride with the Commissioner of Public Works for Long Beach," he said. "He was headed East and let me jump in the front seat all wet. Really nice guy. He even hooked me up with a bagel. His name is John Mirando and I met him yesterday. So shoutout to John. If you're reading this, you're the real legend."

The real moral of this story can be summarized thusly:

And if you want one last look at the blizzard-that-wasn't, this video condenses the entire thing into 10 quick seconds: