Like many gentlemen, photographer Norm Hinsey enjoys casting an admiring eye upon the many fair maidens promenading about the streets of New York. But where others are content to let these brief glimpses of startling feminine beauty fade forever from memory, Hinsey is determined to catalog them for future generations. Behold his short silent film "1,000 NYC Days" which consists of 1,000 surreptitiously-taken photographs of women on the streets of New York:

1000 NYC Days from CREON Gallery on Vimeo.

Hinsey, who started the "hideaway" gallery CREON as a curatorial project in 2009, tells us the video "is my response to the waves of beautiful women constantly streaming down the sidewalk in the city." A survey of women who were shown the video at Gothamist HQ elicited a unanimous one-word response: "Creepy." But in his defense, at least it's not an upskirt montage?