Before the DUMBO section of Brooklyn was all condos and, well, more condos (And that West Elm! And that other West Elm.) it was a rugged little waterfront neighborhood where Bananarama did cocaine with local dockworkers in a bar under the bridge. It's the spirit of that DUMBO that Tom Clancy's "The Division" video game brings us back to, albeit by way of apocalyptic measures.

The third-person shooter game was released on March 8th, and according to DUMBO NYC, "a rare opportunity: to stroll around Dumbo armed to the teeth, in the middle of an apocalypse" caused by a smallpox pandemic. Here's what those iconic views from the cobblestone streets—often filled with Instagrammers—looks like as an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division tries to restore order.

Of course, the game expands outside of DUMBO, featuring many recognizable areas of the city, and one reviewer noted it offers "a genuinely impressive rendering of NYC... I need to make a point about how beautiful this game is. You're given swathes of to-scale New York City to delve into, and a huge amount of effort has gone into map construction."

Here's the very dramatic trailer, showing more of NYC: